Saturday, March 04, 2006


Rest :Subway @ High Street, Phoenix
Meal : Lunch
Date : 5/3/2006
Location : Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel
Company : Gautam, Rishab, Aditya

Experience - Eating out just about everdya for the past week and a half i had zero intention of sitting down and ordering at a table. Besides being dressed in Hobo chic didnt make it hard to decide on a quick, hit n go meal. Subway is a place dear to my heart because it provided me with some serious meals throughout college. A perennial favouraite. The place was solidly crowded and we had the seriously idiotic uncle who cut in line ahead of me with his really annoying child who begged for cheese. I wont say anything other than hey, they both have to live with each other.
Order - A Veggie Delite with lettuce, tomato, cheese, lots of pickles, onion, japalenos, green peppers, salt n pepper, oil, vinegar and a smattering of casesar sauce.

Drinks - Peach ice tea

Food :Good, filling. no complaints. i wish they has a bit more choice in terms of bread other than parmesan oregano and wheat bread. Stateside there is like 4 choice usually. It was a good sandwich. However the ice tea just kicked major ass. I dunnow how they made it but it was very good.

Rating : Food 4/10, Service 6/10

Damage : 110 ($2.50)

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